ZENIT brings you news, but not only that ….

zenit.org: 6:00 22-04-2014

ZENIT brings you news, but not only that ….

Dear Friends,

ZENIT is an agency that goes beyond news. Thanks to you, our readers spread throughout the world, ZENIT has also been able to touch a network of Christians that, through your messages and testimonies, enable us to appreciate that the Church is truly universal, and incredibly united despite her diversity. There are many who have told us that ZENIT has helped them to reinforce this wonderful feeling of belonging to the universal Church.

In some countries Christians are insulted or persecuted, in others they are free but no less ridiculed and scorned. However, these Christians are not alone and the messages that you, our readers, send to us are proof of this.

Many monasteries write to us, for example, telling us that the news we publish becomes their prayer intention, as this religious of the Assumption has, who lives in Abomey, Benin, who wrote: "ZENIT gives me news on the situation of the world and of the universal Church. … Then I pray, either to give thanks or to intercede for situations that need justice and peace."

We are happy to be able to be an instrument of service for Christians worldwide, but to do so, we need your help!

Many of you already made a donation at the beginning of this campaign. However, we still lack funds to be able to cover our operating expenses up to the beginning of next year. You know that ZENIT depends almost exclusively on its readers' donations. We really need you!

We remind you of the details necessary to make a donation:

It can be done by check, credit card or bank transfer.

1) Sending a CHECK by mail.

  • In U.S. or Canadian dollars dollars:
    9925 Haynes Bridge Road Ste 200-206
    Alpharetta, Georgia 30022 – USA

  • In euros or currencies other than U.S. or Canadian dollars:
    Fundación ZENIT
    AP 105
    28220 Majadahonda
    Madrid – Spain

Please remember to include your first and last name and e-mail address where you receive ZENIT dispatches, so we can send you a note acknowledging that we received your check.

2) Using a CREDIT CARD


Your order will be transferred to our security page whose level of protection is the highest. In no way will someone else be able to read the information you provide.

The entire ZENIT Team thanks you for your support.

With all good wishes,

The ZENIT Team

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