The five-fold argument for the Resurrection 12:15 23-04-2014

The five-fold argument for the Resurrection
The New Testament consists of first-century, seemingly first-hand accounts of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It also claims to be an eyewitness account and makes some mighty bold claims about what the authors saw and heard. Yet a first-century audience (that is, an audience which would have been able to call “shenanigans” if the authors were just making things up) believed these accounts, copied them, and spread them both textually and orally throughout the entire Roman Empire and to faraway places like India. That’s a pretty good indication of credibility there. This doesn’t, by the way, rely on you assuming a priori that the Bible is Scripture and therefore inspired; just that you approach it as you would any other historical text, since it’s clearly arguing for what were then recent historical events, not telling some long-ago legend. On this Good Friday, the day Christians traditionally commemorate the death of Jesus on the cross, let’s examine the evidence surrounding his death and resurrection. I’d like to look at five specific examples.

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